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Hello! I'm Sonia Ortiz, Chilean by birth, translator by profession and maker of pretty things by sheer enthusiasm.

As a child, I loved paper crafts. I particularly enjoyed making paper houses for my Barbie dolls, which included everything from furniture to kitchen appliances and even to vehicles. If our printer was out of paper you could always blame me. Those were good days.

And now, 20-something years later I have re-discovered paper crafts, only this time I like to believe my skills are better than those of a five-year-old and, what's really important, now I buy my own paper.

So that's how my Etsy shop came to be. Of course, with time I discovered there were many other cute paper things I could make. I began to ask myself, "What paper object would be really cool to have and that I could make myself?" And that's when my stationery sets, boxes and paper packs were born.

Thanks to the help of my wonderful husband – who happens to be a professional graphic designer and not a self-proclaimed one like myself – I now move around the world of graphic design software with a certain ease and comfort. He has been kind enough to teach me the basics and walk me through more advanced techniques I needed to create my stuff. I just love to learn.

Creating a new item is always an exciting adventure. This is especially true with my paper sets for children. I envision a scene and take note of the essential elements it must include, always leaving room for extras. Sometimes my imagination goes way overboard and I have to force myself to bring it back down to earth, knowing that it will eventually reach the hands of a child who must put it all together. Special thanks to my husband's lovely 7-year-old daughter who serves as my guinea pig ;)

- You can find all my items for sale here.
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