October 5, 2010

Mmm... jam!

Yesterday I noticed that my jam stock is dangerously low. And for me, jam is a basic morning need. Breakfast is not breakfast with a jamless piece of toast. It's depressing.

But I can't just go and buy some; no, that's considered a crime in my family. Jam is never bought - jam is made. My mom has always been the family jam maker and provider, and every summer she makes tons of delicious jam to stock her jam cupboard for the whole year and distribute among all members of the family. And if she doesn't, we'll threaten to go and buy some. So she's always making jam.

But now I've decided that next summer I'll ask her to teach me. I've seen her make jam ever since I can remember and I know it's really easy, and I can't depend on her for ever for my everyday breakfast necessities.

Anyway, I found these lovely jam jar labels and toppers by Kristen from Domestifluff. Aren't they lovely? Now not only will I have the best handmade jam for breakfast, but I'll also have the prettiest jars as well!

Image credits DOMESTIFLUFF


Martina y Golafre said...

Hola Neskita! precioso tu trabajo! te quería hacer una propuesta. Me puedes enviar un e-mail??
Saludos desde Barcelona, España! ;-)

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